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Diversity is power. Unity is strength.
One Inc Cooperative is a member-owned, member-controlled set of companies with interlocking business relationships and shareholdings.

We are a space-making company that specializes in communications technologies and our primary mission is to bring people together.

We are co-creating the more beautiful world our hearts always told us was possible by enabling more equitable exchange — Ecocentric Capitalism.

Our Cooperative is built around a virtual economy that recognizes many types of capital. Within our ecosystem, we incubate a marketplace of microservices and partnerships that generate life sustaining value to the Cooperative by providing life creating value to the world outside.

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Reflections from our Citizens

"[One is] like a next generation Y Combinator."

Second Life, General Assembly, etc.

"[One is] like an ever expanding keiretsu."

Ticketmaster,, Disney, etc.

"[One is] like a 2D Second Life."

Former COO of Second Life

A More Beautiful World Awaits

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It’s not that we shouldn’t be selfish, it’s that we misperceive the 📝self. [...] When the other is not an other, then to be good to an other is to be good to yourSelf.